About Us

Meet the CEO & Founder

Ray Warren, born in Richmond, California and raised by his grandmother, times were tough.  As a 3 sport athlete, Ray depended on support from the community to further his sports career.   For Ray, it was more than just money that was missing.  He also felt the absence of guidance in navigating the sports and collegiate worlds.

1 Step Away was born out of the desire to be what he needed for other kids, a guide to help navigate life’s many decisions.  After all, many times, kids are 1 Step Away from a life changing decision that leads down a path to greatness or defeat.

As Ray got older, he realized his purpose in life is to make a difference in the lives of kids.  Combining his love for sports and his passion to educate young kids, Ray hosted his first sports camp for 1 Step Away in 2014.  He wanted to show kids that there is more to life than what their circumstances may be.

The camps Ray and his team successfully coordinated revealed there was more that needed to be done. Out of those camps, the 1 Step Away Foundation Step Up 4 Kids Shoe Drive was born.

Ray has since developed an after school program that will allow kids to be mentored, not only in sports but education and leadership. The goal of the after school program is to show kids what’s possible, build useful life skills and to fill in the gaps in standard education.

When Ray is not trying to make a path for kids to succeed in life, you can find him scuba diving and discovering a whole new world beneath the ocean’s surface.


Ray Warren – Ray@1StepAwayFoundation.org



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